London or Remote

CULTure/Brand Creative


As our first brand creative hire, you are the vanguard of making everything we do hot. You probably think most game campaigns are a bit one-note, and care passionately about both building brands with amazing creative, and getting into gamers’ heads. Overseeing our creative campaigns for our roster of all-star games and the brand of the CULT itself, you should be a restless creative polyglot who can handle both the high-level vision and actually GSD.


Leading the creative vision

Leading the charge on the CULT brand vision, you will define and actively roll out how we present ourselves holistically; from visual assets to tone of voice, in person and online.

Working closely with our Marketing Strategists to add creative and tonal sparkle to our overarching campaign strategies across all of our titles.

Ensuring all of our marketing assets, written comms and everything between have the creative sparkle to pour gasoline on the sparks of our games and strategies - from trailers to key art, copy to events presence, whole websites and assets for our community spaces.

Working hand in hand with our Community and Marketing teams, you will pioneer initiatives to ensure we correctly speak the language of the internet and our gamers, while holding a clear identity of our own.

Overseeing our events presence - whether in person or working with community online.

Ensuring we are pouring creative gasoline on all of our social and influencer campaigns, you prefer to lead with bold and disruptive ideas that will sing with the ultimate community and audience as opposed to paying our way to noise.

Executing the creative vision

Overseeing and executing creative marketing and social campaigns across all channels for our games - getting into the heads of our developers, creatives and target audiences to deliver surprising, disruptive and meaningful campaigns.

Delivering flawlessly on-tone campaigns across a broad roster of titles that pop and are sincere to each game’s vision.

Building up, maintaining and indoctrinating creative partners across disciplines; from identifying startup friendly partners, creating flawless and inspiring creative briefs, and PM’ing execution to ensure all assets are both cost smart and awesome.

Personally creating assets where you have the skillset.

The Human

A visionary creative who cares deeply about coherent vision and the power and magic of creative detail, large and small.

An executor, you are not satisfied with merely creating an exciting pitch deck - you like to get hands on and stuck in to make sure the vision happens across the board.

Agile and adaptable, you are able to tap into various tones across a wide range of products.

A gamer - you love games, you get gamers, and you care about serving them content they care about in a way they will care about.

Exceptional aesthetic capabilities and excellent & inspiring creative writing skills.

Thoughtful in absorbing other creators’ ideas, you are able to absorb the vision from other creative leaders, transmuting into campaign ideas that will hit the target you are also...

Inspiring and infectious, able to excite others into getting behind your ideas and see them through.


You’ve worked across creative campaigns for various brands to success.

Delivered multi-channel marketing creative across visual, written & experiential.

You’re a gamer and can speak to key trends and motivations in the gamer space.

We'd love to know more about you...