London or Remote

In-house Content Creator


Working side by side with the heads, you will be responsible for translating project briefs, holistic strategies as well as morning-huddle elevator pitches into kick-ass content with serious legs.

You have created well-received content for a variety of purposes, but you’re not satisfied. You can do more. Bigger, better, wilder, to a wider audience, conquering a more varied landscape. Maybe you have worked in games; perhaps you are looking to get your foot in the door - your eye for unique and share worthy content defines you better than your professional history.

As our first in-house content creator hire, you will be THE person in charge of delivering kick-ass assets for CULT and its games, across a variety of mediums and channels, to audiences of all shapes and sizes. You will be challenged to create everything from the crispest possible store assets, to snappy TikToks, to seriously dumb memes. 


Create first class engagement and marketing content for CULT and our games

  • Create a whole lot of static and video content for our games and the CULT brand; sometimes from a clear brief, other times from a holistic goal or by your own.
  • Be a driving part of defining the tone, cadency, format and target platforms of marketing, engagement and community content.
  • Set the standard for what a CULT asset looks like; become the benchmark for our external partners and creators.
  • Work together with the heads of community and marketing define and execute growth hacking strategies.
  • Live and breathe fresh ideas and opportunities for unique, relevant, surprising, relatable, refreshing content and campaigns - be able to convince the team that it’s the right thing to do, or worth the investment to collect crucial insights. 
  • Help pitch and polish creative projects, such as trailers and physical events, to partners and agencies.
  • Grasp, represent and level-up the developer’s vision for their game through a variety of visual (other senses are fair play too!) assets.
  • Use this vision to deliver next-level ‘simpler’ assets like storefronts and ads.
  • Collaborate with internal teams, devs and agencies to deliver a variety of assets.
  • Keep UX and accessibility close to your heart through the creative process.
  • Be on top of what is trending and what’s hot on the internet and how we can inspired by it.

Refine and perfect the CULT content strategy; champion a growth mindset

Your primary role is that of a content creator, and your performance will be evaluated based on the quality of this work - yet being part of CULT entails having the chance to contribute to the bigger picture where your expertise is valuable. 

  • Unearth and champion inventive ways to bridge into new platforms and audiences, and widen the variety and types of content we produce.
  • Work with heads to analyse content performance, audience behaviours, long and short term ROI and sentiment to perfect our strategies.
  • Optimise and refine our KPIs together with heads, and contribute to finding inventive ways to reach and surpass these. 
  • Benchmark best in class competition and be a driving force to push our quality bar higher.

The Human

  • Master of multiple schools of content and target platforms: from store assets to YouTube long-and-short form to hot socials like TikTok to memes to sincere letters to the community to banner ads
  • Established personal style, yet able to adapt visually and thematically to the needs of a given brand.
  • Have proven this by growing one or several channels to a noteworthy size.
  • Intuitively capable - able to comprehend, transmute and represent the vision, tone and drivers of divergent audiences and creative visions.
  • Deeply invested in gamer and internet culture, hugely passionate about games as a medium and the communities that surround them.
  • Excited and driven by crazy ideas and testing new things, but also rational and budget conscious; ready to take risks and learn from both successes and failures.
  • Organised and able to balance immediate opportunities and needs, with longer term projects or ongoing series.
  • A smart, human-minded growth hacker.
  • Really good at saying no when needed, as well as pushing for a “hell yes” when truly believing in something.
  • Obsessively recording and documenting materials and events, IRL and online. 
  • Able to work independently/remotely like a grown-ass human and delighted to be in London, UK semi-regularly.


  • You’ve grown a legitimate following (ideally in at least one major social media platform) from scratch, on any key channel, and can articulate your approach from why to how.
  • You can demonstrate flawlessly engaging content - in the language of the internet - ideally across more than one genre, medium or tone.
  • You can prove you understand more than one key strategic social platform to a professional level.
  • You can digest a brief or strategic vision into individual pieces of content, understanding its intentions and raising the bar of delivery.

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