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Build and design your first ever hospital in space, identify weird diseases and treat your clients to save the galaxy one patient at a time….

Begin your journey into space as the Director of Galacticare: a pioneering, interstellar hospital franchise which, in a first for the 23rd century, cures more than it kills! In a colourful sci-fi world rife with death and disease, design and manage perfectly functioning hospitals orbiting volcanic planets, deep-space graveyards, and psychic alien deities!

With an offbeat narrative that twists together a ragtag group of eccentrics, Galacticare will take you on a journey beyond managing a hospital. From your assistants - a dejected AI bureaucrat and Medi, a tireless janitorial robot - to the variety of consultants you’ll hire and bring along on your journey, the characters will grow beside you as you progress deeper through the story.
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